Creative Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

In our last post, we shared unique wedding favor ideas to consider as you plan your wedding. Today, we're here to share a few creative ideas for alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book. While the traditional guest book may work for some folks, many new and creative options are now available for couples to incorporate their unique style and create a true wedding keepsake - rather than just putting another book on a shelf. With all of the wedding guest book alternatives to consider, we pulled together a list of our top picks to inspire you that will work with any theme or budget.

Hand Painted Vintage Globe Wedding Guest Book

Having a travel theme wedding? Love to travel? Hope to have a marriage full of adventure? Then this gorgeous, hand-painted vintage globe would be perfect for your wedding guest book. Grab a few gold metallic sharpie pens and guests signatures will compliment the globe perfectly. Not only will it serve as an amazing detail on your wedding day, but it will continue to be a conversation piece proudly displayed in your home for years to come. Bonus: Add decorative pins every time you and your husband travel to new places. You can purchase one for your wedding at PrettyLittleDooDads on Etsy.

Photo Guest Book

There are so many ways to utilize photos for a unique and fun wedding guest book. You can buy an Intax Camera and film for guests to capture a hard copy selfie to put in a book with a fun message. Or, you can create a personalized guest book with photos from your engagement session on Shutterfly. That way you can create an album of engagement photos to enjoy next to messages from your friends and family.

Decorative Art Guest Book

There are so many decorative guest book options to create a memorable and unique guest book that you will proudly display in your new home. This anchor is perfect for a nautical themed wedding or a couple that loves the open seas. Other options include a wooden initial or plank board for guest signatures.

A Quilt Guest Book

Wrap yourself in the warm messages from your family and friends with a guest book quilt. There are many ways to display the quilt at the reception. You can display individual blocks for the complete quilt. Plus, you can utilize fabrics in colors that compliment your wedding colors and theme.

Need more inspiration? You can see more unique guest book ideas on our Pinterest Board.

What are your favorite wedding guest book alternatives? What unique ideas have you seen? Share them in the comments - we'd love to hear your thoughts!