Rainy Day, Happy Day

Months of planning. Everything is perfect in every way. You somehow scored the best photographer, DJ, Caterer, Florist, Venue  and Wedding Planner. Your out of town family that you just knew wouldn't be able to make your special day has pulled the right strings and suprised you with an RSVP of "yes"!! And the perfect guy you've waited so long for is right beside and you both can't wait for the big day. Nothing could go wrong. Until it does. You wake up in wedded bliss the morning of your wedding to look out the window and kiss the sun......er......rain??!! Yep. Mother Nature has decided to betray you on what's supposed to be the best day of you life. Her wedding gift to you is a nice downpour. So what do you do?  If there is no rain back up plan or indoor facilities you do what every self respecting bride would do. No, you don't panic. You roll with it! First make up your mind This will still be the happiest day of your life. No matter what. A great attitude will make all things light. Send your MOH out to grab so cute matching umbrellas and rain boots. Call the venue, they will help you handle the rest. And remember, you get to marry the love of your life today even if you have to do it barefoot and soggy!