Whats your style?

Style is important, right? Absolutely! So why would choose any other way to plan your biggest day than by adding your own unique stye?! First things first.....what is the style you wish to portray for your wedding day? Do you love the rustic barn theme or a romantic shabby chic with pink and lace? Maybe something simple and clean cut or even very elaborate with flowers galore and eye-catching decor  in every spot is your thing. Maybe you always dreamed of a formal wedding complete with china and crystal. Whatever your dream is, however decorative or simple, knowing your style preference can make for a much easier planning experience.  If you already know the style you wish to accomplish then choosing your venue, dress, flowers, cake, etc will be so much easier to narrow down (being there are way too many choices and not enough time!) if you know exactly if it will tie into the vision you've chosen for your wedding day. The sky is the limit so get out there and let your style fly!