Winter Wedding Inspiration

Traditionally, here in Virginia, winter is a time of year that is often overlooked for weddings. However, as the weather has shown so far this December, the weather can often be just as mild as the fall and can create unique opportunities to create a beautiful wedding. Plus, since it is often the off season for venues and vendors, you can often snag a discounted rate and negotiate on pricing that can have a big impact on your overall budget. 

So, for brides looking for a few reasons to consider a winter wedding, we've pulled together some stunning inspiration to get the creative juices flowing for winter weddings. 

Jewel Tones

Fall isn't the only season in which jewel tones can really shine - winter is also the perfect time to use jewel tones to your wedding day. Plus, different tones such as deep amethyst, burgundy and cranberry are the perfect cure for the traditional winter blues and provide a great deal of warmth to your wedding. 

Natural Elements

Winter is a great time to incorporate natural elements, such as evergreens, greenery, twigs, cranberries and pinecones. All of these items are readily available during the winter months and provide a great natural touch to all sorts of items including table decor, florals and even your cake.


Plaid is a common pattern and texture to think about for winter, but maybe not something you have thought about for your wedding. However, you shouldn't shy away from plaid - as it is a great way to add a winter twist to a rustic themed wedding. Plus, plaid can be used as a great accent color/pattern instead of traditional wedding colors to be used to add a "touch of plaid" or as a strong visual element as the shirts for the groom and groomsmen. 

Beautiful Photo Backdrops

Seriously, how amazing and romantic are these photos in the snow?! You can't get photos like this in any other season. And, if you don't have snow near you in the winter, you can always have a reverse destination wedding to a cozy mountain town and enjoy everything the season has to offer. 

Winter Wedding Inspiration on Pinterest

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