Man's Best Friend

  • We know that choosing all the right things for your wedding is a must. From the perfect venue to the best DJ and Photographer. And of course you must choose the most select caterer and the one and only bridal gown. Don't forget deciding which of the important people in your life will stand with you on your big day. So many decisions! So what do you do when the friend most important to you is.......your dog?? He's the one who has been the most faithful. The one who sat by your side to comfort after you lost your college sweetheart. The one who stayed up with you when you were the new girl in the big new city. The same one who doesn't care if your teeth are brushed or your hair is fixed. This is a dilemma for many believe it or not! So what do you do?? You give him a bath and put on a tux (or a tutu) and you show him off as you would anyone else! Don't overlook your furry friends as they tend to be the most loyal. Hey, he's already having to share you with the new love in your life so go ahead and give him time to shine. Woof!!