Tis the Season

It's that time of year AGAIN?? Making a list and checking it twice, all the while you're wrapped up in lights!! So much to do for the big night, cooking and shopping oh what a fright!! While the holidays truly are wonderful for spending time with family and friends and making special memories, there is always so much to get done!! Let's take a moment and imagine that you are also planning a wedding in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  Crazy!! I know, right??!! Here are a few ideas that may help ease your planning so that you don't become a Scrooge this holiday season.

1. Breath

2. Much of the work is already done so pat yourself on the back. You've made it this far. 

3. Make sure you've contacted your vendors to finalize so that there are no suprises. Then let them do their job so you can focus on your own tasks and the holiday. 

4. Remember......you are planning your big day. Spend time with your loved ones who want to help instead of worrying about what gifts to buy. Time spent is way more valuable than a gift purchased.

5.  This is not the year to throw your annual holiday bash. Friends will understand. They will also understand that with all the planning you have to do there is no way you can make it to every party you are invited to. So don't beat yourself up! There will be many parties to enjoy with your new hubby in tow.

6. Lists are important. Make lists of everything from bridal party fittings to gift giving. And then follow thru.

7. Take some time for you. Soak in a hot bath, snuggle up with your favorite novel by the fire, or go get  a relaxing massage. Whatever relieves your stress and clears your mind. Just do it. Things will all come together.

Merry Christmas!!