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Let’s Talk Wedding Flowers: Budget Friendly Tips and Tricks

When planning the details of your dream wedding, chances are that flowers are one of the main items you’ve considered for your list of items you need to complete your big day. It’s ok to admit that you’ve spent more than a few hours day-dreaming about your bouquet, centerpieces and ceremony floral arrangements. Wedding day flowers can be a key detail to complete the overall look for your wedding theme. However, we completely understand that if you’ve checked out Pinterest lately for inspiration and shared them with a florist (or have yet to do so!), you’ll quickly realize that your flower budget doesn’t actually align with your vision.

Don’t lose hope! We’re here to tell you that there are many ways to have flowers at your wedding without breaking the bank and going over your budget. With these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the appointment with your florist to best work together without sacrificing your vision.

Choose In-Season Blooms

If you are trying to keep things budget-friendly, choosing flowers that are currently in-season for your wedding date is a must. Why? Florists work directly with suppliers and flowers that are in bloom for the season and location of your wedding date will be more readily available vs. flowers that must be custom ordered from a specialty grower or another part of the country where they are in season. If something has to be custom ordered, it is a safe bet to assume it will be pricey. When starting to work with a florist on a quote for your wedding, make sure you ask for a list of flowers that will be in-season on your wedding date that will help to keep costs down.

Questions to Ask

  • What flowers are in season on my wedding date?
  • Are there any flowers available in which price doesn’t change by the season?

Go For Similar Blooms

While there isn’t a bride alive who doesn’t love peonies, if you aren’t having a spring wedding, you will most likely be paying a premium per bloom. However, there are other flower varieties that can give a similar look and feel for less including certain varieties of garden roses and ranunculus to peonies for example. If you aren’t sure which varieties can give a similar look for less, work with your florist to help identify ways to reduce costs without sacrificing a look or style.

Question to Ask

  • Which flowers are a good alternative to the blooms in my inspiration photos that can help reduce overall costs?

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

If you are looking for ways to reduce costs within your flower budget, make a list of priorities. For example, perhaps you can splurge on your dream bridal bouquet with all of the exotic and pricey flowers you desire while reducing overall cost of bridesmaid bouquets by reducing blooms or selecting complimentary flowers that aren’t as pricey. Other ways to save on your flower budget is to reduce the total number of arrangements. Consider alternating floral centerpieces with candles or opting out of ceremony floral arrangements if your ceremony location doesn’t need much dressing up.

Questions to Ask

  • How can I make the biggest impact with my wedding flower budget?
  • Can you itemize each item on the quote so I can make decisions to fit my budget?
  • Do you have any suggestions for how to best meet my flower budget?

Consider a Few DIY Projects

If you are really trying to reduce costs, are there some items you can do yourself for your big day that won’t have too big of an impact to your stress level or timeline. Most florists will allow you to purchase flowers by the stem and/or bunch based on quantity. So, if you have a plan to do simple centerpieces of bottles with a single bloom in each, that’s easily something that your wedding coordinator, mom or a friend of the family can put together the morning of the wedding. Pinterest is of course a great source of inspiration. However, a word of caution - don’t over extend yourself. There will be more details and last minute requests of your time and attention the week before and the morning of your wedding than you anticipate no matter how organized you think you will be. You want to be sure that you can enjoy the time leading up to your special day, so be sure to consider the time and effort it will take for DIY projects and if they are really essential to the day or worth the money saved in the long run. Also, be sure that you don’t offend your florist by insinuating that you can easily do her job. Do your best to explain that you are trying to cut costs and want her input on what projects you may be able to tackle yourself and get her advice along the way if needed.

Questions to Ask

  • Do you sell individual flowers or bunches of baby’s breath?
  • Do you think this is a project I can easily do myself?
  • Do you have any tips for how to easily complete this project?

The most important thing when trying to reduce your budget when working with a florist is to be transparent and open about your budget and your expectations from the very beginning. Most florists will ask you for your budget during the initial consultation, so be honest when answering them to set expectations from the get-go. Understand that they are not asking to judge you or over-sell you (although there may be a few exceptions), but simply trying to understand if your budget aligns with their ability to meet it based on your desired vision and number of items required for your wedding day. You should view your chosen florist as your partner in creating your vision for your dream wedding, we promise it will pay off for everyone in the end.

At Dellwood Plantation, we love to work with a variety of vendors to help our couples create the wedding of their dreams at our venue. View our preferred vendors list for our recommended wedding vendors.



5 Tips to Set a Realistic Wedding Budget

Yes, we did it, we said the "B" word. And while its not THAT "B" word, some feel that a wedding budget is a bad word during the wedding planning process. However, when it comes to planning your wedding, you need to embrace your budget. Why? According to Borrowed and Blue, the average cost of a wedding in Richmond is $31,000, so you'll want to manage your budget and spending accordingly to stay sane during the planning process. Knowing that it can be difficult to discuss money, we've put together our top 5 tips to set and most importantly, KEEP, your wedding budget. 

5 Tips to Set and Keep A Realistic Wedding Budget

1. Take Stock of Your Finances

If you and your fiancé are funding the entire wedding yourself, take a look at your current financial situation to determine what you can realistically afford for your wedding. If parents or other family are helping to finance the wedding, be sure to have a frank discussion about the budget and any expectations for the wedding.

2. Make an Initial Guest List

Nothing has a greater impact on your total budget like guest count. Why? Well, for starters, the bigger the guest count, the bigger the budget. All catering, plus cake, is all charged at a per person rate. And, only certain venues offer space for up to 250 guests, so you'll want to make sure you think through how many second cousins you put on the guest list.

3. Determine Your "Must Haves"

Once you've determined the amount you have for your wedding, the next step is to think about the "must-have" items on your list. Are you and your fiancé serious foodies? Have your eye on a couture wedding dress? Have you dreamt of a 7-tired cake confection? The items that are important to you and your fiancé should be appropriately prioritized within your wedding budget.

4. Consider Multiple Dates

Unless you are 100% set on a specific date, consider shopping for dates in what's typically considered the "off season" for many venues and vendors. The off season here on the east coast is typically January-March, with some dates in November, December and April that can be lower cost than the typical wedding season of May-October. There can be a lot of beauty in a winter wedding - just check out our winter wedding post for lots of great inspiration.

5. Resist the Urge to Splurge

It doesn't take more than a 5 minute look at "wedding inspiration" on Pinterest to see how easy it is to get caught up in all of the beauty available. Setting a realistic budget is the first step to keeping it. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding is to remember what's absolutely needed to have the wedding of your dreams - not someone else's. Resist the urge to splurge on extras that no one will notice but you, and instead, spend time investing on a once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your fiancé will always remember, rather than remembering the debt and/or stress for the fancy getaway car or custom ice sculpture. 

At Dellwood, we offer a variety of packages and pricing options to meet the needs of any wedding celebration and budget. Request information today and we'll send you our latest packages and availability.